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Valentine's Day


Fire isn't the only thing that can make a vampire burn.

Jack Valentine is no stranger to a manhunt, but usually she's the one doing the hunting. In retrospect, maybe her assassination attempt on the Primus – the most powerful Silver in existence – was a mistake. She probably shouldn’t have murdered her ex-girlfriend either, however necessary it seemed at the time. But if Jack could take back only one thing from that awful night, it would be telling Killian Drake that she... sort of likes him. 


On the run from the Primus's guards and fearing retribution from at least three different directions, Jack has no option but to lie low. For a disaster-magnet like her, that's one hell of an ask, but she'd stay in hiding forever if it meant she could avoid Drake. 


Unfortunately, she didn't walk away from her murderous endeavours unscathed. With poison in her veins, Jack is now very literally hot-blooded, and getting hotter all the time. She needs Drake's healing kisses to keep herself from going up in flames, which forces them into just the kind of proximity she's trying to avoid. 


One way or another, someone's about to get burned. 

Valentine's Day is the fourth book in Josie Jaffrey’s Seekers series, an urban fantasy series set in Oxford, England.


Due for publication 14 November 2024


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