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Silverse Short Stories Ongoing Series

Josie has compiled a Silverse reading order that includes these short stories here.

Encounters Kindle Cover.jpg

Encounters Collection

Want to read more about the Silverse?

Encounters is a series of short stories set in the world of the Silverse, in which the Seekers, QuickSilver, Solis Invicti and Sovereign series are set.


You can join Josie's Readers' Club to download a free copy of three of the short stories:

Killian's Dead tells the story of how Jack Valentine became a vampire, and recounts her first meeting with the infamous Killian Drake.

Cara Mia finally tells Cara Alton's story, and sheds light on the events that precipitated the Revelation. 

Bella Donna follows a new character who will appear in the Quicksilver series.​

Encounters will (eventually) be published as a collection.

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