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The Silverse Novels

All the books and short stories in chronological order

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0.1 Blood Work (Seekers short story)

0.2 Bad Blood (Seekers short story)*

0.3 Killian's Dead (Seekers short story)

Dead Box (coming soon)

0.4 Blood Brothers (Seekers short story) *


1 May Day (Seekers book I)

2 Judgement Day (Seekers book 2)

3 Winta's Day (Seekers book 3)

4 Valentine's Day (Seekers book 4)

4.1 Ex Marks the Spot (QuickSilver short story)


4.2 Cara Mia (QuickSilver short story)

4.3 Bella Donna (QuickSilver short story)

5 Kill Me Quick (QuickSilver book 1)


5.3 Dead Road Rules (Dead Road short story)

5.4 Silver Lips, Gold Eyes (Dead Road short story)

Dead Road (coming soon)


6  A Bargain in Silver (Solis Invicti book I)

7  The Price of Silver (Solis Invicti book II)

8  Bound in Silver (Solis Invicti book III)

9  The Silver Bullet (Solis Invicti book IV)

9.1 Ungilded (short story - contains spoilers for Sovereign!)



9.2 The Blue Empress (Sovereign short story)


10  The Gilded King (Sovereign book I)

11  The Silver Queen (Sovereign book II)

12  The Blood Prince (Sovereign book III)

12.1  The Red Lady (Sovereign short story)

* Although we have listed Bad Blood and Blood Brothers chronologically, we recommend reading them between books 2 and 3 of the Seekers series.






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