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Short Stories

Ongoing Standalone Stories

Josie writes a lot of (mostly) SFF standalone short stories. Most are currently published in various anthologies, but Josie's first solo collection is due for publication in 2025.

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Broken Wings

In the airless crypts beneath the sinking city of Evesend, a treasure hunt has been playing out for three centuries. 

In the middle of the forest at the end of the world, there’s a boneyard where old things go to die. 

In the future city of Legacy A, sunlight is a privilege. 


This collection of dark stories contains fifteen of Josie Jaffrey's most fantastical, horrific and inventive tales, including two that are exclusive to this volume (Peyton's End and SnapShot). 


Pass through a portal into a world where a single word can kill you.  

Feed yourself to the spirit of the forest piece by frozen piece. 

Or fall into the arms of your reflection in the water and never surface again. 


Whichever path you choose through these stories, you'll find forgotten places and hard shadows that will linger long after the reading is done.


Broken Wings is due for publication in 2025.

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