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Which Sovereign character are you?

You’re lost in the forest and your supplies are running low. What do you do?

A:  Forage for mushrooms, dandelion leaves and other wild foods, then cook them up into something delicious.
B:  Go hunting. I’m not the best shot, but I’m learning, and I’m sure I can make a meal of some critter or other.
C:  I wouldn’t be lost in the forest because I’d never go there in the first place. I have people to go to the forest for me.


How would you describe your dress sense?

A:  I just wear whatever comes to hand.
B:  Comfort is king.
C:  I’m a total fashion victim; all flash, no comfort.


Zombies are gathering outside your city. What do you do?

A:  Stay put and get ready to defend what’s mine.
B:  Run away somewhere safe, and convince my friends to come too. Better to fight our way out than to die stuck here.
C:  Someone should do something about that. I mean, not me, but someone.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

A:  A bee: useful and busy.
B:  A wilful, ungovernable horse.
C:  A cat: pure predator, no mercy.

You find a piece of expensive-looking jewellery in the woods. What do you do?

A:  Hand it in to the proper authorities and hope they can reunite it with its owner.
B:  Leave it where it is and walk on by. Hopefully the person who dropped it will come back and find it, but if not, why court trouble by getting involved?
C:  Pocket it myself. It’ll look better on me than it would on whoever dropped it, anyway.

Your city is about to be invaded and its defenders are offering to train citizens to help. What do you do?

A:  Take up the offer. I want to be useful, and I want to be as strong as I can be.
B:  I’ll help in the fight, but I can train myself, thanks. I’m not putting my life in the hands of the military.
C:  That sounds like it’ll involve work. Hard pass.

Your fairy godmother appears and gives you one wish. What do you wish for?

A:  A gardening apron with pockets.
B:  Nothing. Fairytales aren’t real and this would never happen.
C:  I don’t know, a pony? I get everything I want just by asking for it anyway.

You think you’re in love, but you can’t work out how to tell the other person how you feel. What do you do?

A:  Stay quiet and hope that one day they might return my feelings and tell me so.
B:  Ask a friend for advice.
C:  Obviously, they must love me back, so I’ll act accordingly and assume they’ll welcome my advances.

The Empress of your city confers a special honour on you. How do you react?

A:  I’m pleasantly surprised and quietly hopeful. Does this mean she accepts me?
B:  I’d rather not draw attention to myself with a grand ceremony, so if I can, I decline.
C:  Of course she does. It’s only what I deserve.

If the world as you knew it was ending in twenty-four hours, how would you spend your last day?

A:  In the outdoors, reading a book and enjoying nature.
B:  Hanging out with my best friend.
C:  Partying, the harder the better.

What were your answers?

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