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Patreon: New Shinies

Here's my monthly update of new things coming to my Patreon in July. If you would like to become one of my patrons, just click the Patreon link below.


New Shinies!

For all Patrons, I have a brand new short story available tomorrow from the Broken Wings collection. It's a 10,000-word SFF story called Peyton's End.

This story started out as a horror story, but it didn't really end up as one. It's a bit creepy in places, but I think it's safe to say that it's not going to make you jump or check under the bed for monsters.

It's something a bit different for me, which is a concept both terrifying and exciting. This is what I love about Patreon - it gives me the safe to write stuff that I would never normally attempt for my self-published work. So, thank you to all my patrons for giving me that freedom.

For Patrons of Tertius tier and above, I have chapters 29-37 of May Day (Seekers Book 1) coming tomorrow, which is the very last chunk of the book! May Day is a murder mystery, in which vampires are the ones doing the investigating. It's set in the Silverse, the same world as the rest of my vampire novels, and takes place before Solis Invicti, and it's out on 9th July.

Altogether, chapters 29-37 are a about quarter of the book (!). Chapters 1-28 are already available to higher-tier patrons, and will be available until September (so new Patrons will have access to all draft chapters so far).



In writing news, I'm still slogging through my redraft of The Wolf and The Water, a YA Fantasy inspired by Atlantis, which I'll be releasing in the Autumn. It's taking me longer than I'd hoped, but that's editing for you!

In reading news, I'm just about to start reading the Lotus War trilogy by Jay Kristoff, which I'm honestly a bit nervous about. I don't think it would get published these days because there's that white-guys-fetishising-East-Asian-culture awareness now that wasn't as widespread when the books were released. So, fingers crossed.

In other news, I'm thinking about starting a quarterly digital SFF magazine next year. More details soon!


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