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Patreon: Last Chances & New Shinies

Here's my monthly update of new things coming to my Patreon in February, and the content that will be unavailable after today. If you would like to become one of my patrons, just click the Patreon link below.


Last Chance!

Today is the very last day that you can access Last Christmas, the second story in my new Broken Wings collection. It's 10,000 words of intrigue, treasure-hunting and robotic dragons, and I really enjoyed writing it.

In fact, I got a little bit stuck in the world, so much so that I'm now planning to write a full novel following on from the end of this story, which will be a kind of prequel.

Last Christmas is available to Patrons who sign up before the end of January.

New Shinies!

For all Patrons, I have a brand new short story available tomorrow from the Encounters collection. It's a 10,000-word prequel to the Sovereign series called The Blue Empress, and it follows on straight from the end of Ungilded (November's short story). It tells Laila's story for the first time, giving an insight into her feelings about Emmy's disappearance, and tracking how she came to be in control of the Blue. I think it works as a good prequel to the series, and it's fine to read before you dive in, or after you've read all the books.

For Patrons of Tertius tier and above, I have chapters 11-14 of May Day (Seekers Book 1) coming tomorrow. May Day is a murder mystery, in which vampires are the ones doing the investigating. It's set in the Silverse, the same world as the rest of my vampire novels, and takes place before Solis Invicti.

Altogether, chapters 11-14 are about 13,000 words. Chapters 1-10 were made available earlier this year, and will be available until September next year (so new Patrons will have access to all draft chapters so far).

These latest four chapters follow Jack and the team as they track down a new lead, which hints to embezzlement from vampiric high society. To get access to the suspects she needs to interview, Jack will have to make a deal with the devil...



In writing news, I'm continuing with my first draft of May Day, and working on my short stories for Patreon.

In reading news, I'm currently reading Educated by Tara Westover, an autobiography by a woman who was raised by apocalypse preppers in America. It is fascinating and horrifying.

In other news, I'm currently making soups in huge quantities using my slow cooker. If you've got any good recipes, then please throw them my way!


To join Josie's Readers' Club (and get a FREE short story!), sign up here.

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