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Writing Vlog #9: 2019 Plans

This week I'm talking about what I'm planning to write in 2019, and what's coming up over the next few months.

If you'd like to ask me a question to be answered on this vlog, then tweet me @JosieJaffrey using the hashtag #AskJosieJaffrey!



In writing news, I've just finished editing my YA historical manuscript (which I shall be calling 'Manuscript W') and am currently querying agents in another attempt to find someone to represent it. I'm just about to start writing my serial killer fantasy novel (which I shall be calling 'Manuscript B').

In reading news, I'm researching Manuscript B at the moment so am mostly reading non-fiction books about forensic psychology.

In other news, I am now returning to my normal vlogging schedule, so you can expect new videos from me every Sunday.



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Josie is the author of seven self-published novels (so far), and hopes to be a hybrid author in the future.

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