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Writing Vlog #8: How I Self-Publish

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

This week I'm talking about how I self-publish, and giving a few tips for anyone who is thinking of doing the same.

If you'd like to ask me a question to be answered on this vlog, then tweet me @JosieJaffrey using the hashtag #AskJosieJaffrey!



In writing news, I've written 11,000 words of The Blood Prince (Sovereign Book III) this week, which means I have a 12,000 words to write in the next three days if I want to finish the manuscript by Christmas. That should be doable, I hope!

In reading news, I've just finished reading Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris. Keep an eye out for The Gin Book Club's video review, which will be hitting our YouTube channel on Wednesday.

In other news, The Gin Book Club's QUIZ OF THE YEAR has now been filmed, fuelled by mulled wine and hilarity. You'll be able to find parts 1 and 2 live on our YouTube channel on 23rd and 30th December respectively, in lieu of my usual vlog post. My usual Sunday vlogs will return in January.


Giveaways, Offers and Freebies

FREEBIE - The Gilded King is now available to download from Prolific Works for FREE. Get your copy here.

GIVEAWAY - Win a signed paperback copy of one of my books (your choice!). Running until 30th December. Enter here.

GIVEAWAY - I'm taking part in the Indie Advent Calendar this month, with loads of great giveaways every day until Christmas. Check out Kay Macleod's website for details and to enter!

FREEBIE - Don't forget that you can join my Readers' Club and get a FREE short story here.



To join Josie's Readers' Club (and get a FREE short story!), sign up here.


Josie is the author of six self-published novels (so far), and hopes to be a hybrid author in the future.

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