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The Silver Queen Book Launch!

It's release day for The Silver Queen! You can find all the purchase links here.

Ebooks of The Gilded King are also on sale at the moment for just £/$0.99, so if you haven't got your copy yet then now is a good time to grab it! Links here.

Finally in sales news, I've just discounted the Solis Invicti series on Amazon. More details here.

I was going to spend today recording a video for you of the background of the series, but I've come down with the lurgy so I'm afraid that's going to have to wait for another day. In the meantime, I hope you can console yourselves with my Solis Invicti pin giveaway, which is running until tomorrow. You can enter below.


What I'm Doing This Week

I'm busy with general promo for The Silver Queen this week, including sending out print copies to reviewers and getting adverts out for the book.

I'm also working on THE BLOOD PRINCE. I've been set back a little way by the release and by my current lurgy, so I'm aiming to be at 20k words by Sunday. I'm hoping that I'll be recovered by then so I can film the first of my writing vlogs, something I've been wanting to get going for MONTHS now, but haven't yet managed to start.

If there's something you'd like me to talk about on one of those videos (what I'm writing next, what's next for the world of the Silver, or anything else!), then please drop me a message via social media or via my website here with your question(s), and I'll include it in one of my upcoming vlogs.

I've also had a great week for jam- and chutney-making, since we're just finishing harvest here in the UK, and I have some exciting gin-making planned very soon. But right now, I'll be staying in my pyjamas on the sofa, re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine until I manage to kick this cold.


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