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New Merchandise!

Some of you might remember that I ran a giveaway on Twitter last month, because I'd just received my shiny new Solis Invicti pins and was hugely over-excited about sharing them with the world.

But I only gave one away, and I know that some people were disappointed that you couldn't purchase the pins elsewhere. So, you will see that I've now added a 'Merch' tab into the menu bar of the website, where YOU CAN BUY THE PINS THROUGH ETSY! Yes, I know, I'm over-excited again.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that there's not only a link to buy the pins, but also a tantalising 'Other Merch' option that links to a Zazzle store. That's very much under construction, but keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of exciting products that will appear there in the future, to include T-Shirts, canvas bags and whatever else takes my fancy.


What I'm Doing This Week

It's a busy one!

I met with my beta readers at the weekend to discuss their feedback on THE SILVER QUEEN, which is due for publication on 17th October. This week I'll be getting that manuscript in shape so that I can get ARCs out to reviewers and make the pre-order live by the weekend, so look out for that too! If you subscribe to my mailing list, then you'll be the first to hear when the book is available to pre-order.

I've also got a couple of video reviews going up over on The Gin Book Club website this week, so I'll be spending some time editing those for release. I really enjoyed both books that we reviewed, and found a new favourite: Wicked Like A Wildfire by Lana Popovic. The sequel is out on 4th October, and I've already pre-ordered it...

Next week, I start writing the third and final book in the Sovereign series: THE BLOOD PRINCE. More on that later!


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