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Chocolate is my worst best writing friend

In a rare period of unemployment, I have just 18 writing days left to get Book III of the Solis Invicti series out of my head and onto the page before I start my new job and all hell breaks loose. I'm generally quite a focussed writer, zoning out into the story with minimal effort until it seems to be writing itself, but I have to confess that I'm at my most productive with a little chemical assistance.

This is a recent realisation for me, one that took me by surprise yesterday when I was asked by a writing coach on Twitter what my top writing productivity tip was. I typed back happily, starting with: "Chocolate helps! But seriously...", then realised that I was deadly serious and had nothing else to say. It took me some deep thinking to come up with something helpful to say rather than just recommending that we all get hopped up on caffeine and sugar.

But it's true, and so the run-up to Easter is absolutely the worst time of year for me to sitting on my increasingly fat arse in front of the computer. After an hour of writing, the two solitary eggs in the picture that accompanies this blog were all that were left of a massive bag. And those were gone by the time I'd written the first sentence of this blogpost.

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