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Here's Book Two, just in time for Halloween!

Now that the draft manuscript of The Price of Silver has been hacked to death by my nearest and dearest (pictured), it will be appearing on Amazon for kindle pre-order very shortly.

It was almost like I planned to release it for Halloween (and I'm going to pretend from this point onwards that it was always the plan. Always).

So, because I've come down with a cold and can find nothing better to do with my time in the evenings, I've already started writing Book III. I'm planning to release it in April next year (all being well), but don't expect me to add in any zombie bunnies or suchlike in honour of Easter. Nor will there be any vampire chicks (except for Viv and the other Silver, obviously).

Maybe Book IV will be ready in time for Christmas 2016. How jolly that would be: open flames, big pointy trees, perhaps a trip to church, and vampires.

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