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Josie Jaffrey is looking for YA Fantasy authors who are self-published (with at least one publication available for purchase) and based in the UK to participate in a print anthology of similar indie authors.

This is a collaborative marketing venture to allow indie authors to reach new readers. This is not a for-profit exercise. The anthology will not be available for purchase, and you will not get any income from it.


So what's the point? The point is to produce an attractive print anthology that will be given away as a freebie to YA readers at the YA literature convention(s) Josie attends in 2020. That anthology will introduce new readers to your work, and hopefully turn them into purchasers of your other work. This is something Josie trialled successfully at YALC 2019 by giving away print copies of a 10,000-word short story pamphlet, Killian's Dead. She's planning to do it again in 2020, and wants to open up that opportunity to other indie authors who aren't able to budget for convention stands, or who aren't able to attend themselves.

What work is eligible?

We are looking for submissions of:

  • 5,000-word and 10,000-word stories;

  • which can either be complete short stories or the opening chapters of a novel;

  • in the Fantasy genre, aimed at the YA market;

  • from self-published UK authors.

Please compile your submission into a single PDF file and submit it using the portal below. If you have any problems submitting, or if you have any questions about the anthology, then please contact Josie through her contact form.



What will it cost?


Josie is asking anthology contributors to cover their share of the printing costs. Current estimates are that a 100,000-word book will cost £5 per copy to print through KDP (cheaper options will be investigated). Josie aims to produce at least 500 copies, which means that the book will cost £125 per 5,000 words. That's exactly what we're asking authors to contribute, BUT we're not asking for any money until we're sure things will go ahead. If we have more money than we need, we'll simply print more copies and distribute them to readers.

So, costs for contributors will be as follows:

  • for 5,000-word submissions, £125; and

  • for 10,000-word submissions, £250.

Please note that Josie will make no profit from this anthology (she'll make a loss in terms of time spent editing and compiling, which she is offering for free), and she will be paying £250 herself towards printing costs, as she will be including her own 10,000-word story in the anthology.

What will I get?

Every author whose work is selected and who pays their printing contribution will get:

  • their story included in the anthology, which will be distributed to readers at the YA literature convention(s) attended by Josie in 2020;

  • a one-page blurb included in the anthology (you can promote your other books in this space if you wish); and

  • two print copies of the finished anthology.


What's the selection process?

Josie and a small team will read every submission and select those that are the best fit for the anthology. We will be looking primarily at quality, so please make sure that your work is as polished as you can make it before submitting. We will also be looking for a good balance of complete short stories vs opening chapters.

When will I find out whether my work will be included in the anthology?

Josie will be in touch in January 2020 to let you know whether your work has been accepted.

Are books enrolled in KDP Select eligible for inclusion?
Yes! KDP Select's exclusivity requirement does not apply to print editions of your work.

(More info here.)

❓ Can I submit work that is neither 5,000 nor 10,000 words?
We have a tolerance of 500 words, meaning you can submit work which is 500 words over or under our requested word count. This means that we will consider all submissions between 4,500-5,500 words, and between 9,500-10,500 words, but if your submission is outside those brackets then it will be rejected.

❓ When and how will I pay?
If we accept your story for the anthology, we'll be in touch again in January 2020 to collect payment by PayPal. We'll keep you updated, but please make sure you're serious about being involved in the anthology when you submit, or you'll leave us with an organisational nightmare as we scramble to fill gaps.

❓ Am I signing away my rights?
No! When you submit to us, you give Josie permission to make an appropriate number of digital copies in order to allow her team to assess whether or not your work is suitable for inclusion in the anthology. If your submission is accepted, then by submitting your payment you give Josie a licence to publish your submitted work in print format in the anthology, and to advertise and distribute it as part of the print anthology.

❓ Does the submission have to be my own work?
Yes! By submitting to us, you confirm that you are the holder of all intellectual property and moral rights in the submitted work, you confirm that there are no existing agreements that will prevent your work from being published in the anthology, and you indemnify Josie and her team against all intellectual property claims in relation to that work.

❓ Does the submission have to be new work?

No, as long as you are not restricted from publishing the submission in print format in the UK. You are welcome to submit the opening chapters of a book you have already self-published. Think of your submission as a teaser that should be designed to draw a reader into the rest of your work.

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